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Looking for a way to get you, other collectors, involved in the further evolution of this web site, we are proposing a new item in the website.

Through this means, we wish to introduce questions on topics of discussion in which we would value your views.

Each few weeks, the topic of this section will change.

When we do this, we will add the conclusion or majority view on previously requested topics to the section with “questions from readers”

Current item of focus

In both previous but also in the new edition decoration 84 and 220 have been defined as different models

84.JPG                 220.jpg

To date it is unclear whether or not decoration 220 is a production error for decoration 84, an error in which the decoration was not fully blown into the mould.  This theory seems to be confirmed by the discovery of other models of 84 which are not fully blown out. 

We would appreciate your view on this topic

We would also appreciate any other photos of this “strawberry”.

Please send all views to us

Should you like to propose future topics for this section of the site, do not hesitate to contact us.