AJEKO the glass eyelet

Belgian christmas decorations

Renewed (second) edition now also in english language


Just like the First eidtion, this book contains a wealth of informaton about the company Ajeko and their production of christmas decorations. Additionally it contains an exhaustive catalogue of all known models to date. All modelds discovered since the first edition have been integrated into the catalogue in a logical place.

The authors have opted for a somewhat larger format for the book to represent all decorations in the best possible way.

The book comes with a complementary USB stick (form of payment card) giving you access to a Excel list designed to help you manage your collection.

The new edition is available in three languages (english, french and of course Dutch our native language).

Even though we have increased the size we have been able to freeze the price at the same level as for the First edition.

You can order the book by making a bank transfer of 35 euro + shipping cost on account mentioned below.

Please also confirm with an email to edmond.osstyn@skynet.be


Iban= BE10 0635 7509 0504

E. Osstyn

Zuidmoerstraat 76D

9900 Eeklo

Make sure you mention explicitly: Ajeko book as well as the language of the book you could like to receive. As well as you full address. We will then send the book with the smallest possible delay.

Packign and shipping costs to Belgium = 3 euro, to EU country = 7 euro, non EU country = 10euro

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