Although great care has been taken to integrate all decorations found in the updated version some small errors are unavoidable

The first one relates the the model on the bottom left of page 13.  It shows an oval decoration with 3 depressions.  The decoration exists with the decoration both on one side and on both sides. 

As a result you should see 2 numbers beneath the decoration.

028VA075Z2 (depressions on one side) en 173VA075Z2 (depressions on both sides)


Some time ago we were contacted by Susanne who informed us that her decoration 261 was only 65 mm high.

We crosschecked our decorations and also recent ones I found.

She is right, the size for this decoration should be 65mm not 80 mm

So new number: 216V065Z5 (page 14)

It seems the date of death for Jezelin although it was corrected was still wrong in the second edition. 

Susan sent us a scan of the death certificate which puts the year of death at 1987.  Thanks for spotting the second inaccuracy.

Below part of  the death certificate sent showing date