Scope of the book.

After some introductions, we start with a brief history of Alfred Jezelin and his company called Ajeko. 

Then we focus on the production of Christmas decorations covering a range of topics related to production, etc

Then we continue with  a deeper view of some of the rarer models as well as info on which are older models.

Whilst it is easy to recognize many Ajeko decorations, we then discuss how to distinguish them from other decorations with glass eyelet. We also cover how to recognize other models such as decorations with springs and tree tops.

The second part of the book covering more than half the number of pages is a detailed photo catalogue covering all known models.  For each model, a number, indication of size and rarity is provided.  

A complementary USB stick (looking like a payment card) is offered.  It contains a file allowing you to keep track of your evolving collection.

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