Overview of all new models discovered since the publication of the book


Models discovered after publication of the renewed edition of the book

Although great care has been taken to integrate all decorations found in the updated version some small errors are unavoidable

The first one relates the the model on the bottom left of page 13.  It shows an oval decoration with 3 depressions.  The decoration exists with the decoration both on one side and on both sides. 

As a result you should see 2 numbers beneath the decoration.

028VA075Z2 (depressions on one side) en 173VA075Z2 (depressions on both sides)


When preparing the second edition a conservative approach was taken including sizes of decorations only when it was sure this size was existing.

It should as a result be no surprise that additional sizes of some decorations were bound to turn up.

Susan informed us of a first one, which is a decoration 186 of 60 mm

So as a result below decoration 186 at the top right on page 15 you should add number 186VA060Z4.

The decoration has the design on both sides



In the book we already indicated that the decorations in the form of depressions were introduced by hand.  This had lead to a wide variation of such decorations.  Sometimes they are clearly production errors (missing depressions) sometimes the variation is more likely due to preference of the artist who created the decoration.$

We believe this is what happened here.  Tree tops with three suns are found occasionally.  This tree top has four suns evenly distributed. 

Thank you Kamiel for sharing the info with the community



(foto Kamiel)

In the course of the year, we have come across several copies of the “child in sun” decoration.  The first we ever saw was the one which belongs to the family Jezelin (book page 32).  Recently we realized that there are actually two versions of this decoration.  One where the child sits in a sun; the other where he sits in a depression which looks like a moon.  Actually both were known to us when we created the new edition and can be found in the photocatalogue on page 45. 

We propose to use different references for both decorations

The decoration child in moon which is a familypossession we propose to refer to as 240VA080Z5

The one with child in the sun remains 237VA080Z5

By the way, we are aware of 3 child in moon decorations and around 5 child in sun.

When creating the book we decided to give different numbers to mushrooms with white or with silver stalk

To date, the smallest size mushroom was only found with white stalk (117V045)

Now a version with silver stalk has been found

We assigned the number 242V045Z4 (left most mushroom on photo)


Recently we have come across another tree top with sun.  Already we were aware of existence of a small size tree top with one sun (see number 155 catalogue page 46).  The new discovery is of large size and again has just a single sun.  The photo shows a model in gold colour. 

This new decoration is catalogued as 243VA270Z5


We have just been made aware of the existence of another tree top.  This model has again one sun and is again 270 mm long.  It does however have a ribbed top and the bal at the bottom has the ribs as you see on many tree

Congratulations to the lucky owner Gonny

It has been given reference number 244VA270Z5


Overview of new models discovered after the First version of the book was published.


All new models discovered since the publication of the First edition of the book have been included in the renewed edition.

As some of you might not have acquired this new edition, the overview pages which were on the web after publication of edition 1 can be found below.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Additionally to these decoration some unique models which were discovered in the course of 2014 are also included in the renewed edition of the book